Confessions of an 8-yr old


I was presented with the update of JJ’s hospital billing a few minutes ago and it almost gave me a heart attack. The nurse said it was just an update for yesterday’s confinement and did not include doctor’s fees yet and the additional fees for the day.  I secretly hoped that JJ would be discharged today so no more fees will accumulate, but unfortunately, the doctor didn’t give the go signal because JJ still had low oxygen count and high WBC count, which meant continued testing, monitoring and drugging. (Grrrr!)

Our Vice Makes Us Sick

Read Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About and you will better understand why.

We all know that fastfood and restaurant food are unhealthy, but Kevin will tell you so much more about the hows and the whys.

A Perfect Date

For my first exclusive date with our kids, I chose our 3rd child, Jaq.  

Jaq was quite excited when I told him to prepare for our ‘date’.  He was feeling so proud and was bragging about it to his younger brother saying, “J8k, it’s just gonna be Mommy and Jaq only”.

Together Again


After months of being away from our boys, we needed to bring back the bond.  We could tell they have missed us so, as much as we’ve missed them.  After all, there was really never a time that we were all apart longer than a day or two.  We raised them ourselves for 6 years in Canada, doing only mostly night part-time jobs and home businesses, so we could be with them during the daytime.  Yes, we are proud to say we are both hands-on parents.

TAP All Your Problems Away


The site is LIVE!

I'm so excited to learn there's gonna be a Online Audio Event on EFT Tapping in February (Registration starts on Feb. 1).  And it's FREE!  (Oh, how I love freebies!).  Actually, this is something that most Americans take for granted -- they have a lot of FREEBIES in their country like thousands of materials in their library, free passes to their museums and other galleries, free samples on most product websites, free S/H of goods and products, etc.  And yet, they still feel so deprived!  We are presently here in our home country (Philippines) and how I long once again to be there in NY where we had easy access to all the materials in their library that we don't have here -- movies, books, audio books, magazines.  (Don't get me wrong.  We've got thousands of materials here as well, but they're very limited, and not available ONLINE).  It was mostly because of all these freebie offers that we tremendously enjoyed our vacation there in US -- free skating rentals, free access to museums, free theatre shows, free samples, free short classes, even CASH giveaways ....(oh, I miss NY!)

30 Sure Ways To Lose Weight Fast!


30 steps to effectively lose weight the natural way are listed below which I ‘copied’ verbatim from Kevin Trudeau’s book.

Last month in NY, I started reading Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About and I thought why the heck didn’t I read this book earlier on?  It could have saved us lots of $$$ in prescription drugs and hospitalization. I remember requesting it from our library in Canada back in 2008 but forgot to claim it when it was finally available.  And then I came across Joe Vitale’s blogpost about Kevin’s new program and I was reminded to try borrowing Natural Cures from NY library.  There were a lot of holds on the book and it took more than a month before I finally got it.  

Random Acts of Kindness


I was not really keen on sharing the acts of kindness I or our family have done in the past because it seems egoistic and takes away the randomness and sincerity of it all, but the following quote from 'Do I Smell Smoke?' (one of Dr. Barret's blog posts) prompted me to do so.

"Every giving action doesn’t have to be revealed. But some should. I also felt that by telling others it sheds light on a particular problem. It also nudges others to take action. Perhaps next time someone else will remember what she did and feel encouraged and strengthened to take action themselves."

The 11 Forgotten Laws

This was an email from Bob Proctor:

Do you remember that first spark of hope you felt when you watched The Secret? I clearly remember the desire that filled my heart, knowing that – Yes, I can make my dreams come true – FINALLY!

Super Jet Lag


Jan. 14, 2010

8:00 a.m., Brooklyn, NY: Goodbyes, hugs and kisses to our benefactors in Brooklyn, NY, Manong George and Manang Trining.

9:00 a.m., Times Square, NY: Last-minute tasks (returning borrowed books to the library, getting JJ the promised PSP, wiring $$ to Canada, shopping presents, etc.)

Testing Ho'oponopono


Ok, so we (husband and I) have been doing this Ho'oponopono thing for months now. I could personally say that it had tremendously changed how I've dealt with stressful moments of my life. Whereas before, I would bite the head off of anybody who would try the patience I never really possess ... Now, I just bite their hands off. lol 

I still haven't been blessed with PATIENCE, but at least the number of people who tried it have significantly lessened.

On Heartaches & Love Affairs


Just wanna share the reply I posted on one of the forums I joined.  I noticed that a lot of people go through this same problem so I'm devoting a page here so I don't have to repeat myself eveytime a similar case needs enlightenment.

Note, however, that the case originated from Philippines so I was actually conversing with my fellowmen.  To date, western culture still shocks most of us, Pinoys.  So, for those who live somewhere else in the world other than Asia, then, please understand.  Thanks.

Jollibee, New York


"Love your own", so goes the saying. Well, Jollibee is the #1 fastfood chain in the Philippines and we, as Pinoys, couldn't help but be proud that it has gone international over the years. So, wherever in the world we are, if there's a Jollibee branch, it's a MUST in the itinerary.

This video is dedicated to Mae, who couldn't join the gang here in New York for new year. We have a very touching message for you at the end of the video. Love you!


New Year in Time Square!


The culmination of our NY visit was the welcoming of new year in Times Square. It was a blast!!!!

Watch this video and guess where we were standing when the ball dropped at 12 midnight. Whoever can guess will win ... the ball that dropped in Times Square! LOL!

Happy New Year! A blessed and prosperous 2010 to everyone!