Why Am I Here?

Good question.  But somehow, I find it difficult to answer.

After what would seem the longest and deepest contemplation/discernment I had to make in my entire life, I have come to a very agonizing decision:  As my last recourse (one that I wasn't really very keen to take), I had to once again get back to square 1 and find myself a J-O-B  (Read: time away from my family).


Our description according to a psychological test we took:

She is self-centered.
She is insecure.
I am unruly.
(Oooops ... sorry... that was my honeymoon pic)

Constant Change


After an endless search for a suitable template, you finally find and excitedly upload the same to your blog. And even though you have kindergarten knowledge on HTML, you try your best to customize it to perfection. You spend hours and hours surfing the web for the best tutorials so you can give your blog its 'perfect' look.  And once it's done, you are filled with an overwhelming sense of achievement and pride.  You sit back and relax.