A Perfect Date

For my first exclusive date with our kids, I chose our 3rd child, Jaq.  

Jaq was quite excited when I told him to prepare for our ‘date’.  He was feeling so proud and was bragging about it to his younger brother saying, “J8k, it’s just gonna be Mommy and Jaq only”.

I braced myself for uncontrollable tantrums because among our kids, it’s Jaq who goes berserk at the slightest trigger.  My husband and I have ‘informally’ diagnosed him with a mild case of SPD.

But I was taken by surprise.  Jaq behaved extremely well, it was really a shocker.

We first went to National Bookstore where I read him a story and bought some school supplies.  Then, we went to SM Department Store where we browsed and shop for some stuff.  Then, I bought him some tokens for some kiddie car rides.  When I thought he had enough fun, I gave him a treat at Max’s where I let him order whatever he liked (which was just ice cream, not surprisingly …. lol).  

We strolled.  We shopped.  We talked.  We laughed.  We bonded.

And not a single episode. (whew!)

But the greatest memory Jaq gave me that day was during our ride home when he kissed me and said, “Thank you, Mommy.  I love you.”

(sniff, sniff) 

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