Cyber-Bullying Is An Offense and Must Be Stopped!

Note: Due to Lutun Niu's obvious request (she keeps visiting my family's website and this blogsite after I have repeatedly asked that she stop), I am publishing this post I have removed last month). I told them I have forgiven them and would really like to forget about the whole incident, but constant visits from either of them to my sites make it really difficult. But just to show that I am sincere in my offer of forgiveness, I have deleted most of the original hateful, name-calling words and replaced them with #@$%^&*#.


ORIGINAL POST (minus the name-calling)

I am writing this once again for all those who, at one point in their life, have been victimized by cyber-bullying. I posted this blog as a Note in my Facebook but somehow it got deleted. It was actually an informative type of Note on cyber-bullying but it would appear that Facebook just acted on false report without getting the facts straight. By deleting that Note, Facebook had actually sided with the bully rather than the victim who was just trying to educate people on cyber-bullying.

In any case, it just goes to show that the culprit was really guilty about what she did. I know it somehow embarrassed the culprit as I posted her photo on the note, but at least I can proudly proclaim to the whole wide world that I don't need to HIDE under fictitious accounts and email addresses just so I can bitch about something or somebody! I can do and say whatever I like about anybody and to hell with them if they do not like what I say, but I will NEVER be a coward about expressing myself and hide my real identity! Only #x$%#@ people do that, coz they are #$@*& to think they will never get caught!

So, “it is OK to flame someone on a mailing list or in a blog as long as you do it under your real name.” - quoted from Declan McCullagh

Not that I would intentionally do that. Up until last week when the malicious messages started, I had been religiously practicing Ho'oponopono and EFT.

However, I was provoked. I was minding my own business and this <#$@%&* Chinese student from NYU, whom I have never met, started lambasting me online, calling me names and such.

So, I say: If you are, or have been, a victim of cyber-bullying, DO NOT be afraid and FIGHT! There are laws and proper authorities protecting you against it!

This was how it happened: First, the #@$%&# culprit created a Facebook account under a fictitious name JOEY JACK (obviously using my name, JOEY and from my email roseJACK). This #@$&*# Chinese sent me a message, and I quote, “Ur such a bitch. You really are!”

When I first got the message, I was of course SHOCKED! I mean, me, of all people? Awwww, I always thought I am an angel??? LMAO
Nah! Just kidding! I’m far from being an angel. And I admit, I’m a mean girl and sometimes act LIKE a “bitch”. BUT! Only when injustice is done towards me and my family. I do FIGHT for my rights and privacy. Guess, you could blame it on my Law degree. As Atty. Sison often says, “Kapag May Katwiran, Ipaglaban Mo!” (“If you have a valid legal ground, fight for it!”)

Anyway, back to the story…

Like I said, I was shocked. Why? Because I DO NOT have any enemies, or at least I am not aware that I have any. Thing is, ever since I was introduced to the Law of Attraction, I have tried to live my life as peacefully and blissfully as possible. Well, naturally there would be others who might be jealous or envious of how I live my life, but not to the extent that they would send me hate mails.

So, I immediately informed my husband about the message and he said it might just be a random message. He told me about cyber-bullying that is not directed to any particular individual, but he advised me to change my passwords immediately, just in case.

Then, this @#$%&# culprit, as @#$%&# as she is, sent me a DIRECT message on my yahoo, this time using a fictitious email And not only that, she simultaneously made malicious and derogatory comments on my blog AND on my husband’s blog. She asked my husband if he knew what I did when we were apart and that I was a slut, but she kept claiming I was pretty and sexy 36-yr old. I know the messages were kinda weird and crazy – hating me and admiring me at the same time. But her obvious plot was to create trouble between me and my husband.

So, I’ve had it! I knew this #@$%&*# is looking for some trouble, and she came to the right person, because this one does NOT back out! This was not just any annoying remark that one could just forego. This was an attack on my person and reputation. And what’s worse, she’s involving my family! (I felt like Fernando Poe, Jr. in “Kapag Puno Na Ang Salop").

At first, I didn’t know it was a SHE. I thought it was a #@$%&*#, I mean, a HE. I knew because it was a New Yorker. And I only made 2 acquaintances here in NY last year when we visited – one was Zana, and the other Mark Lyon. I just know for sure it wasn’t Zana. So, I went on to investigate on the other one. (I will have a separate blog on the investigation).

What I found out was very disturbing: it was not Mark, but his Chinese fiancée named Lutun Niu.

 (This was a photo of Lutun Niu she had sent Mark before they met, that Mark then attached on one of his emails to me, asking me what I thought about her. Accd. to Mark, she tries on outfits in stores and takes photos of herself. Now here's what I thought -- #@$%^&*#)

But why oh why oh why??? I do not know this $#@%^&*# and there she went sending me and my husband hateful, demeaning messages. I have not even met her, for crying out loud! So, WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?

Of course, it’s safe to assume it was because of Mark – her ever #@$%^&*$#@%$^&*^%$#@# fiancé. He might have told her some “juicy” stories about me and him and this #$@%^&*# Chinese Lutun Niu got madly jealous!

You see, Mark lives in his own make-believe world. He weighs a ton (translation: #@$%^&*$), but thinks he’s such a good catch and women will just fall for him. His wife divorced him. When asked about why he was divorced, he’d say all sorts of stuff about the ex like she was unfaithful, etc. etc., but he would never ever point out his faults. He’d tell you stories about him dating lots of women only to find out in the end that they were all after something …legal status in the US. [Yes, people would go that low to get legalized here in US ... they would marry a #@$%^&*# just to get a green card.] Hmmm, maybe Lutun Niu is the same? After all, she’s only a student here in US. Well, if it’s true, this is a possible immigration case that needs to be closely monitored. Coz I don’t really buy that #@$%^&*$ that what they have is REAL TRUE love. I mean, come on! The guy's the size of @#$%^&*$#! (I told you, I'm mean. Just living up to my supposed reputation of being a bitch. That is just my own “bitchy” opinion.)

There was one time I borrowed his laptop and I accidentally read his message to one of his friends in FB. It said something to the effect that I did not tell him first hand that I was married. What crap!  (Whenever I meet new friends, I proudly show off my family's photos, so only a &^%$ people will think I was actually misleading them to think I was single.)  Who knows what else he might have told this friend or other friends of his?

But since I was then new to the Law of Attraction, I was really trying my best to be as nice as I can. I thought that maybe he needed to fill his ego because of his #@$%^&*# self-esteem brought about by his #@$%^&* . I even introduced him to Zana thinking that maybe they’d click. We were this best threesome newfound friends in the Big Apple happily enjoying each others’ company. Him giving all that he could to satisfy my whims and caprices (you know, like a #@$%^&*!) Treating us to expensive restaurants and movie shows. He'd do just about anything so he could go bragging to all his buddies that he's not such a big L after all coz he's got 2 gorgeous women as his 'girlfriends'.

Such was his nature and personality that maybe caused his #$@%^&*$ fiancée, Lutun Niu, to get jealous and do some monstrous act of bullying me online.

But she got caught with her pants down. And now I can only imagine she’s scared as hell of what I’m gonna do to her.

Absolutely Nothing! I was taught to be always kind to @#$%^&*! LOL.

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