Our Vice Makes Us Sick

Read Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About and you will better understand why.

We all know that fastfood and restaurant food are unhealthy, but Kevin will tell you so much more about the hows and the whys.

Our family’s only vice is eating out. We love to eat out every chance we get. We consider it a vice because sometimes it’s way out of control.  In Canada, our favorite hangouts were Mandarin Buffet and McDonald's (mainly because of its Play Place).  Here in the Philippines, it’s Jollibee (of course!), McDonald’s Pizza Hut, and Max's.

When the 3 of us (hubby, myself and our daughter, JM) went to visit my Mom in US, we left our 3 boys in the care of their Lolo and Lola (grandparents).  So, for months, the boys didn’t get to eat out in fastfood restaurants.  For months, their bodies adapted to only healthy, nutritious, homemade cooking. For months, our eldest, JJ, didn’t have any major asthma attack (primarily because of the healthy diet he was getting).

The day we came back, our ‘pasalubong’ (welcome present) was Jollibee Bucket Meal.  The week of our arrival was a lot of fastfood treats to the kids (Jollibee, Pizza Hut, Max’s, etc.)  
Back to our old vice again.

Last Thursday, it was our date with JJ. We fetched him from school and gave him a treat in Pizza Hut.  He ordered a combo meal consisting of soup, salad, breadsticks, pizza, carbonara and a drink.  

Earlier in school, his lunch money was spent in cookies, chips, cupcake and sour candies (so much for us letting him make his own decisions).

That night, he had the worst asthma attack that we had to rush him to the Emergency. 

What caused it?  Here are our theories:

1.    There was something he was allergic to in what he ate in school.
2.    Perhaps too much carbohydrates, fat and food additives in his Pizza Hut order
3.    Too much fastfood in a week
4.    Got tired walking and playing a lot in a day
5.    Emotional stress w/c started in the morning when he didn’t get to play Club Penguin as we promised, then in school where he was teased about something that made him cry, then in the evening when I was struggling with his Filipino assignment, and when we didn’t allow him to play computer as we promised again.

Honestly after reading Kevin Trudeau’s book, we’ve been feeling kinda guilty about our unhealthy lifestyle.  I’m now beginning to wish I could ‘really’ cook.  My cooking had always been commercialized – thanks or no thanks to Mama Sita (brand for ready made sauces like Afritada, Caldereta, Menudo, etc.), my homemade cooking is actually a 'fraud'.

And yes, sadly, I think we need to get rid of this unhealthy vice of ours.


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