Update:  The owner of no longer renewed their domain and hosting.

I am so proud of my hubby.  He's been working on an SEO project and now it has paid off.  The site has landed on the first page of Google!  Yay!  Now, the goal is to maintain its position. 

For someone who did not own (and use) a computer until he got married, my Sweetheart has really gone a long way when it comes to web technology.  I remember teasing him during the first few years of our marriage about his ignorance on the use of computers & the internet (he was born and raised in the province, & even when he studied in Baguio City, his University course did not require the use of computers then).

We Belong

I have always been very proud of our Couples CG (Caring Group).   I love saying it is the best CG ever!  Why?  Here are some of the reasons:

1.  We all feel that our CG is the ‘perfect’ CG for us and that somehow we ‘attracted’ it.

2.  We feel the GENUINE care and affection of each couple member.

3.  We belong to different age group and yet we ‘click’ so much.