Latest Brag - Part 2

Guys, I just need to announce this to the whole wide world:

My eldest son, JJ, has "Earned a PLACE OF DISTINCTION on the Kumon North American Reading Honour Roll". He ranked 1,209 out of 8,048 kids all over North America!

I know it's such a brag, but can I help it if my husband and I burst with so much pride with our kids' achievements?

Seems Like Yesterday

March 10, 1998

When “Titanic” (hailed as one of the best love stories depicted on film) was being shown worldwide, my Sweetheart and I officially went steady. After a sleepless night of deep contemplation and a once-and-for-all decision on whether we should be together as a couple, we went to see the said movie together. Thus, the email rosejack_31098. And thus, the name of our third child, Jaq. (Couldn’t seem to fit in the name Rose, though, coz it doesn’t start with a J). That decision culminated to a blessed union which produced 4 beautiful, healthy and smart kids 9 years later.

And this is what’s so sweet: after all these 9 years, we are still like lovebirds who are hopeless romantic with each other. Like it was only yesterday that we got together. Sounds so corny, but true, what can I say?

I just would like to share the song that my Sweetheart dedicated to me on our 9th anniversary (A song for a song. Since I dedicated “Thanks to You”, he’s singing “If There Hadn’t Been You” which goes):

A man filled with doubt, down and out and so alone
A ship tossed and turning, lost and yearning for a home
A survivor barely surviving, not really sure of his next move
All of these I would have been if there hadn’t been you.

If there hadn’t been you, where would I be?
If there hadn’t been you here for me?
I’ve made it through times I never would have made it through
If there hadn’t been you.

A man filled with hope, who finally knows where he belongs
A heart filled with love more than enough to keep it strong
A life that’s alive again no longer afraid to face the truth
All of these I would have missed if there hadn’t been you.

If there hadn’t been you on my side, you in my life
All my dreams would still be dreams if there hadn’t been you.

Awwww, sooooooooooo sweet! (sniff, sniff)