My New Addiction

Late to bed. Early to rise. Increase in coffee consumption. Eyebags almost to my nose. Acting like a robot ... list goes on and on.

It all boils down to one conclusion: I have a new addiction and I'm not even aware of it.

Ever since I purchased my MIND MOVIE kit, I couldn't stop making movies. I made 1 for my husband (above video), myself, friends Mae, and Anna, cousin Irene, for everybody. It's so fun and easy to use even my 7-yr old JJ couldn't help making his own LOA video.

Believe me when I tell you this is so much better than Window's Movie Maker (oops, I guess it's not fair to compare since Movie Maker deals with both videos and photos as opposed to the Mind Movie software that only accepts photos).

But hey, for an amateur like me, trust me when I say this is my new bestfriend in movie making.

I guess the best part is that I get to test drive the company's Subliminal Software (which for me totally, absolutely rocks!)