A New Meaning To Our Valentine


(Warning: Graphic photo attached.)

Valentine's Day.  A celebration of LOVE.

This was our Valentine's pic last year.  We escaped from the kids for a couple of hours to get a quick bite at Don Henrico's to celebrate the day just by ourselves.

Gr8 D8 w/ J8k


It was J8k's turn to have an exclusive date with Mommy and Daddy.

Since he had a bit of a fever the previous night, we decided that we'll just spend our 'date' at home.  We sent JM and Jaq off to Kidaround in SM (Kuya JJ had already gone to school earlier), so J8k can have Mom and Dad all to himself.



We won!  We won!  This is our major win this year .. what a way to start off.

The Thrillionaires community has launched 10-Week Financial Education Program to be headed by Financial Expert Peter Bielagus.  This comprehensive course will tackle the following:



The following is an excerpt from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s video:  How To Be A No-Limit Person

“When you squeeze an orange, nothing will ever come out of it except orange juice.  It doesn’t matter who squeezes it – a child, an adult, a professional, a blind person – it likewise doesn’t matter what time you squeeze it – noon, morning, or when you have a period, or when you’re sick …whenever you squeeze an orange, the only thing that will come out is what’s inside.