In my first year in law school (MLQU), I joined Tri Delta Lex (Fraternity/Sorority) just for the fun of it. Actually, it was more for the heck of being able to brag “I belong”. Later on, I realized it was so much more than getting that kind of feeling. You see, during my time, I was the baby of the group, so all my “brothers and sisters” gave me the much needed support to survive law school.

Then, just after a semester, I had to transfer to another law school … far away from my beloved group (actually 7 hours away from them … to Saint Louis University in Baguio City). And for more than 10 years since then, I never thought I’d ever feel grateful again for being a part of the mighty Tri Delta Lex.

Until one fine day in July 2009.

We were at the NAIA airport – my husband, myself and our 5-yr old daughter, JM – excited to get on the plane to visit my Mom in Chicago. I wanted everything to go smoothly so I was doing Ho’oponopono the whole time. It’s a technique I learned from Dr. Joe Vitale and it’s perfect for people like myself who easily loses her cool. I’d definitely recommend it. Anyways, it worked perfectly because I was calm when we were told we needed to re-pack coz our luggage was overweight. I was calm when we were told that we needed to pay travel taxes because they were not included in the ticket charges.

And I was still calm when we got to the immigration booth and we were told that we needed to pay because our daughter, who is a Canadian citizen, overstayed in the country. My husband was starting to feel the pressure and was already arguing with me, but I still didn’t lose control when the officer came back and told us the amount we had to pay was over Php7,000.00.

I still was calm when we were asked to see the Officer of the Day. That’s when I reaped the rewards of Ho’opnopono. Because as we were approaching the window, I saw one of my “sisters” inside the immigration office.

To make this long story short, we got on the plane just in time with no more hassles. After more than 10 years, I get to feel once again how privileged am I to be a part of the mighty Tri Delta Lex.