Today is the Last Time

WARNING:  Contains graphic photos of a miscarried baby.  Not for the faint hearted.

For 6 years now, February 15 is spent commemorating the death of our 5th child, Jonathan, whom I lost via miscarriage.  He was 3 months old. 

Heaven is for REAL

'Prince of Peace'

This is the closest depiction of how Jesus really looked like.  That’s according to Colton Burpo, the little boy who had a near-death experience when he was 4, which story was turned into a best-selling book 'Heaven is for Real' and is now made into a movie with the same title.  Colton narrated that Jesus consoled him and gave him a tour of heaven.  And when presented with all the images of Jesus, Colton said that the above painting was the ‘right’ one. That painting was created by Akiane Kramarik when she was 8 yrs old.  But she already had visions of Jesus as early as when she was 4.

Life Is A Gift


Today before you think of saying an unkind word–
think of someone who can’t speak.

Before you complain about the taste of your food–
think of someone who has nothing to eat.


Update:  The owner of no longer renewed their domain and hosting.

I am so proud of my hubby.  He's been working on an SEO project and now it has paid off.  The site has landed on the first page of Google!  Yay!  Now, the goal is to maintain its position. 

For someone who did not own (and use) a computer until he got married, my Sweetheart has really gone a long way when it comes to web technology.  I remember teasing him during the first few years of our marriage about his ignorance on the use of computers & the internet (he was born and raised in the province, & even when he studied in Baguio City, his University course did not require the use of computers then).

We Belong

I have always been very proud of our Couples CG (Caring Group).   I love saying it is the best CG ever!  Why?  Here are some of the reasons:

1.  We all feel that our CG is the ‘perfect’ CG for us and that somehow we ‘attracted’ it.

2.  We feel the GENUINE care and affection of each couple member.

3.  We belong to different age group and yet we ‘click’ so much.

Woe to Call Center Agents

I only meant to give a quick comment but as I was writing the same, I got carried away.  So, I thought, why not blog about it?  

It all started with the shared Note entitled "The Call of Call Center Agents", privilege speech of Rep. Raymond Palatino delivered in 2009 ( (

Like An Angel


It never fails to bring tears to my eyes whenever people tell me how much I (and my family) have touched their lives. Some people can be very vocal about their gratitude that you cant help but feel like an angel. 

Like an Angel …

Giving Up

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If there’s too much resistance, let go.

I realized that even if you wanted to help so much, you can’t push too hard. If a person is ready and willing, persuasion is no longer needed.  Everything will just be.

I like the quote that my previous officemate, Tom, texted: “If you’re  not sure where you stand in someone’s life, it’s best to leave things behind so that if they drop you off, it will be easier to forget them. Don’t waste time waiting for nothing. When efforts are not recognized, it’s best to just give things up. You’ve done your part. Let them do theirs.

On A Pedestal

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Last night, my hubby and I had one of our usual long chats.  We chatted the whole night away.  We talked about our life, our family, our careers, our friends, everything.  But the best topic for me was about how we view each other in comparison to others.

He told me once again how he has never met anyone that would ever compare to me.  He truly believes, and is very grateful, that he’s got the best woman.  And, naturally, I told him the feeling is mutual.  I, likewise, truly believe that HE’s got the best woman.  LOL

Why Am I Here?

Good question.  But somehow, I find it difficult to answer.

After what would seem the longest and deepest contemplation/discernment I had to make in my entire life, I have come to a very agonizing decision:  As my last recourse (one that I wasn't really very keen to take), I had to once again get back to square 1 and find myself a J-O-B  (Read: time away from my family).