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The site is LIVE!

I'm so excited to learn there's gonna be a Online Audio Event on EFT Tapping in February (Registration starts on Feb. 1).  And it's FREE!  (Oh, how I love freebies!).  Actually, this is something that most Americans take for granted -- they have a lot of FREEBIES in their country like thousands of materials in their library, free passes to their museums and other galleries, free samples on most product websites, free S/H of goods and products, etc.  And yet, they still feel so deprived!  We are presently here in our home country (Philippines) and how I long once again to be there in NY where we had easy access to all the materials in their library that we don't have here -- movies, books, audio books, magazines.  (Don't get me wrong.  We've got thousands of materials here as well, but they're very limited, and not available ONLINE).  It was mostly because of all these freebie offers that we tremendously enjoyed our vacation there in US -- free skating rentals, free access to museums, free theatre shows, free samples, free short classes, even CASH giveaways ....(oh, I miss NY!)

Anyways, we have been doing EFT Tapping for some time now and we have seen great results. This was recommended by Dr. Joe Vitale as one way to clear away the negative programming we have in our subconscious. There was a movie called "Try It On Everything" which teaches on how to tap away virtually all the problems in our life ... be it financial, career, business, relationships, health, weight loss (couple this technique with KT's 30 Ways To Lose Weight and you'll have your desired figure in no time).

To get more information on this subject, click on the above image or go to You Tube and find videos on tapping.  I personally recommend the video series by Robert Smith (Healing Magic channel) and that of Brad Yates (this particular video link is part of our daily meditation and thanksgiving).
But, really, for something that's FREE and would actually help you in all aspects of your life, you won't want to pass this opportunity up.  So, go ahead and sign up for the EVENT on February 1st, and share the link to others whom you think will benefit from it.

God bless!


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