Together Again


After months of being away from our boys, we needed to bring back the bond.  We could tell they have missed us so, as much as we’ve missed them.  After all, there was really never a time that we were all apart longer than a day or two.  We raised them ourselves for 6 years in Canada, doing only mostly night part-time jobs and home businesses, so we could be with them during the daytime.  Yes, we are proud to say we are both hands-on parents.

So, we set up our 30-day goals that include weekly family date and monthly date with each of them for some real bonding time.

Two days after we came back, we followed through our promise by taking them all out to SM.  We let them run around for a good few hours and when we thought they were all good to settle down for a meal, we headed out to eat.  They all screamed for pizza so it was Pizza Hut then, which was the nearest to where we were at that time.

Bad choice (not the food, but the waiting time).

Note to all parents who have starving kids in tow, NEVER bring them to restaurants with order waiting time of more than 2 minutes.

Obviously getting bored ...

Our impatient, hungrier than starving kids were playing with everything that was set on the table – forks and knives, table napkins, the pasta decors and even the plates.

Kids getting impatient ...

I ordered pasta for myself which was the first to be served and it was gone in a few seconds without me tasting just one strand of the Fettuccine.  I have forgotten that we were already in the Philippines and that 1 serving literally means for 1 person only (actually, one person who’s on a diet).

So, I had to order another pasta plus some other appetizers fast before the kids could stage a coup d'etat.

Our date was a riot but it was surely exciting.  It was fun to bring back the old times.


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