I Found $20 On The Street!


One big advice for tourists in NY is to ALWAYS bring with you some cash. Because you never know when you will find a street fair. And it is during street fairs that you get to find real bargains, and of course, the yummy $1 Japanese and Thai foods.

After hearing mass in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, we went out the back way and found that there was a street fair going on at Madison’s. And as we don’t usually bring cash with us, we were only able to devour 2 sticks of chicken BBQ. Of course, it wasn’t enough (trust me, these $1 BBQs are so scrumptious you’d want to order the whole thing and have some beer or cocktail on the side as well).

So, naturally, we had to search for the nearest ATM.

"Hey! What does that sign read? Lemme take a closer look":

"Seriously? You’d give me $20 bucks if I agree to have my face painted? Why, sure! Sign me up!"

P.S.  Big thanks to Dr. Joe Vitale for helping us turn on our money magnets!


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Tracy DeLuca said...

LOL I would totally do that. Money is money!