Confessions of an 8-yr old


I was presented with the update of JJ’s hospital billing a few minutes ago and it almost gave me a heart attack. The nurse said it was just an update for yesterday’s confinement and did not include doctor’s fees yet and the additional fees for the day.  I secretly hoped that JJ would be discharged today so no more fees will accumulate, but unfortunately, the doctor didn’t give the go signal because JJ still had low oxygen count and high WBC count, which meant continued testing, monitoring and drugging. (Grrrr!)

After reading Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About, my husband and I vowed to make our life hospital-free.  (Since we came back to the Philippines in 2008, our kids have been going in and out of the hospital for various illnesses – asthma, flu, rashes, diarrhea, etc.,  that drained our bank accounts [health care’s free in Canada]).

So, when JJ had his asthma attack, I was viciously attacking the internet for immediate natural cures for asthma.  We didn’t have most of what’s needed. We only had the apple-cider vinegar so I gave him that, which just made him puke.  But when he was already crying, which meant that this was not just an ordinary attack, and since we ran out of nebuls, the only immediate option left was to rush him to the Emergency.  Much as we hated it, we had to, lest he suffers more serious effects from non-oxygen.

Kevin Trudeau talked about doctors prescribing drugs that deal with the symptoms and not the root causes of the disease.  JJ was constantly being given drugs that included steroids and I was hating the fact that, knowing what I now knew from reading Kevin Trudeau’s book, at the moment there was really nothing I could do but allow. I voiced out my concerns to JJ’s doctor that perhaps the drugs being administered didn’t work, otherwise, we would have the desired results by now.  I wanted to bring JJ home and start him with our all-natural diet, cures and lifestyle.  But she said that she couldn’t just let JJ leave without seeing improvement, even at least on his oxygen level.

I wanted to get to the root cause of this major asthma attack. I decided to have a heart-to-heart talk with him, and we discussed all the possible causes, but mainly focused the emotional stress.  I urged him to talk about all his pent-up negative feelings that he normally doesn’t let out.  It was a dramatic moment for us, both of us trying really hard not to cry too much, but I knew this was absolutely necessary.  These were all the negative emotions that we rid of from our talk:

a.    Misery – He was miserable and sad when we left him for months to go to US for vacation.  He said he missed us so much.
b.    Anger and Jealousy – He was a bit angry that we had to leave him, and jealous that we had to bring JM (his sister) with us.
c.    Frustration – He was frustrated and angry with his classmates the day they teased him about something.
d.    Other Petty Issues

Following the Law of Attraction, I explained to him that those negative emotions he felt were all in the past and should no longer affect him.  I told him that since he was keeping all these trapped inside him, his body is reacting accordingly.

There was a lengthy discussion on all the hows and whys, but he understood and accepted everything.  We wrote down some action plans that we think would work, and hopefully, we follow through.


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