The following is an excerpt from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s video:  How To Be A No-Limit Person

“When you squeeze an orange, nothing will ever come out of it except orange juice.  It doesn’t matter who squeezes it – a child, an adult, a professional, a blind person – it likewise doesn’t matter what time you squeeze it – noon, morning, or when you have a period, or when you’re sick …whenever you squeeze an orange, the only thing that will come out is what’s inside.

The same principle applies to us.  Someone squeezes you (that is, someone puts pressure on you, says something about you that you don’t like,and out of you comes hatred, anger, fear, stress, tension … why? Is it because of your boss or your mother or your children? ... what comes out of you when someone squeezes you always is what’s inside.  This is the vital principle of being a no-limit person.

If you have any hatred in your heart for anyone in  this world or anger or fear, it has nothing to do with the rest of the world.  It only has to do with what you put inside  And how does it get there inside of you? AS YOU THINK. Only as you think. xxx”

Yesterday, someone squeezed me …. to the pulp!  

Ho’oponopono, EFT, LOA and all other self-help teachings I’ve learned and been practicing just quickly flew away beyond my reach.

And out of me came World War III.  Hitler was revived.  I felt like Mount St. Helens’ unleashing its biggest explosion ever.  I was so mad it hurt too much, and I cried.

Now I could justify it with all sorts of excuses – that I was provoked, that it was already too much, that some hurtful words were hurled against me, and so on ... but it all boils down to one thing … all those negative emotions were inside of me, and that I was unconsciously nurturing them, feeding them daily with unfiltered impure thoughts until they grew as huge as Anacondas.

After the eruption, there followed a burning lava of guilt, shame and remorse. 

I was drowning in all these hateful, negative emotions and I needed to get out fast.  I gathered all the help I could … videos and audio recordings of LOA teachings by Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks, Joe Vitale, Bo Sanchez, Bob Proctor, Echart Tolle, etc.  I also called up my Mom --- she has always been my ‘sponge’.


I am still a work in progress.  Try hard as I may to be a no-limit person, there will always be reasons to falter and go back to my old ways.  But I guess the most important thing is just strive to be a better ME one day at a time.


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