Wanna Get Rich? Be A Chef!


That's our 8 yr-old son, JJ, with one of his teachers. JJ's a dreamer, and one of his dreams is to become a Chef.

I've told you about the Thrillionaires Club, right? Well, I let JJ join it (coz anyways, it's FREE), but what's so great about the site is it encourages JJ to make plans on how to achieve his adventure goals.

On one of the items on his list (to become a Chef), JJ wrote this entry:

"I want to be a chef because I will serve food xxx
and you know when you buy food, you will have to pay, 
and I like money!"


You, too can encourage your own kids to plan for their future here:



Tracy DeLuca said...

That's so funny! But, I have to say, my husband is a chef and has been for more than 20 years. We are most definitely not rich! LOL It really takes a love of food and cooking to be a chef. Then luck and hard work to get a job making decent money. And the hours are horrible!

. said...

Haha. I know! But then I wouldn't have the heart to crash his dream. Let him think that coz anyways, whatever we think about, we bring about.