Congratulations, YANKEES!


Ok, this is the “shallowest of the shallow” (if there’s ever such a term) I could ever get. I am no baseball fan, not even a sports fan. [I’m a girl, for goodness sake and I’ve got different interests]. But I really, completely, totally, madly loooooooooooooove NY. Well, particularly Times Square and yes, The New York YANKEES!

Well, only the name though, coz like I said I know nothing about baseball, except that I have a huge crush on Jeter and just because it is the official team of NY.

And I am so overly excited because Yankees won the championship last night, and I have never felt as excited as this in sports since my high school days when Ginebra won the basketball championship (it’s a local team and it happened centuries ago so that just goes to show how 'deep' I am with this sports thingy).

But I’m so ecstatic, shrieking with so much delight, and feeling so much alive. Any visitor in NY will surely feel the same way. I couldn’t wait till Friday for the Yankees parade.

Congratulations to Yankees!

Oh, gosh, I sooooo love NY! I wish I live here. (daydreaming!)


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