Converting videos into mp3 - Part I

I thank God for Youtube.  I loooove Youtube.  I love it so much I’ve subscribed to multiple channels there.  It's where I get to watch movies I haven’t seen in the past (or  have seen but were still worth watching over and over again), shows I’ve missed, video clips from seminars I’ve never attended like that of Abraham-Hicks, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield, Echart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Bo Sanchez, among others. 

And those were the videos that don’t have mp3 counterparts (you can’t find them on sites that offer free mp3 downloads – which mostly have music videos/mp3 sounds).

So, when I find a certain video on youtube that I would like to transfer to my mp3 player, I immediately turn the same into an mp3 file. (Note: even if you have an mp4 player, it’s still best to turn videos into mp3 files coz they consume lesser space, with the exception of course, of movies and games).

So, how to turn video files to mp3 format?

First, you gotta have a youtube downloader.  There are many free softwares available on the mighty net but the one we use is the Free FLV Converter.  Secondly, you gotta have a software that extracts audio from the video, and for this we use AoA Audio Extractor.  Once you have installed these free softwares, you’re all set.  It would be best to have shortcuts of these programs on your desktop for easy access.

Here’s the step by step process for downloading videos from youtube:

1.    Find a video on youtube and click on it

2.    copy the link (on the address tab)

3.    click on FLV Converter (you can also use this to search on videos on the net)

4.    from the top menu, click Tube downloader

5.    paste the video link on the “add link” space

6.    Click the + button

7.    your video is now being downloaded onto your computer (if you wanna download the videos onto a specific folder, then change the “Output Path” (it’s on the left side of the FLV converter)

Note: you may consecutively download several videos if you want to, without waiting for the other videos to finish downloading.

Next blog:  Converting videos into mp3 - Part II (Audio Extraction)

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