2009 World Series Champions


Best thing I love NY is the sense of absolute freedom.

Just go to Times Square and you’ll see people (mostly tourists, like myself) acting like total lunatics …. and yet no one bothers …. it’s perfectly alright.  It IS so d#$^* good liberating!

And yesterday was no different.  You should see the madness and the pandemonium going on in every Sports Store (or any store for that matter) that sells Yankees stuffs.  It’s outrageously insane!  People were scrambling to get hold of Yankees ‘world series’ gears and stuff.

Banners, flags, stickers, pens, magnets, clothing, accessories … you name it, it was all there ...

... but not for long.  The shirts particularly (from sizes Small to Extra Large) were gone in a flash. (Just a tip to those who are joining this Friday’s parade:  If you already see a shirt that you like and it has your size, don’t let go of it or you’ll be sorry.  I’m telling you, some Yankees fans are like pinranha). As I stood there .... I wanted to sing "It feels like home to me, feels like home to me...".  I'm pretty sure my daughter was totally NOT enjoying this.

( She was actually thinking the whole time, "Mom's really weird!")

“2009 World Series Champions … New York Yankees!”   Wow!  We're all set for the parade.  See you there!

my daughter's shirt

my husband's

my son's

and mine.

[P.S.]  Just to compensate for all the agony I caused for dragging her with me to the sale madness, I finally gave in to her demand:

Hmmm, I wonder what she will demand after the parade?         

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