I'm A Thrillionaire!

Today, I woke up feeling soooo energized.  I think ...no ... I know ...that today will be one of the most exciting days of my life!  I just knew it.  I am thinking of the different possibilities that will happen to me today ... win the jackpot in NY lottery, a call from Joe Vitale, meet Esther & Jerry Hicks ... whew!  I am feeling more energized as I think about these things!

And to start it all, when I checked my email, what do I read?  Something about a person who, at only 38 years old, has fulfilled most of his wildest dreams.  And boy!  Were they really wild ... become a rock star, climbing the highest peaks, training and becoming certified as an Astronaut, having lunch on the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean.  Whoooa!  Lunch on the Titanic!  Really, really awesome!

That's Nick Halik.  Watch the video and get ready to be inspired! I'm only 36, so 2 years is still a lot of time for me to accomplish more of my life-long dreams.  Hurray!  Then, it will be my turn to have this kind of video, too!  


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