Pacquiao WON, Pacquiao WON, Pacquiao WON!!!!



Manny Pacquiao is the new WBO Welterweight Champion! Hip hip, Hurray!!!!

The fight between Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto has long been over even before Referee Kenny Bayless stepped into end the fight in the 12th round.

Pacquiao sent Cotto to the floor in the third round with a two-punch combination. And in the fourth, Pacquiao gave him multiple combinations that sent Cotto to the floor again.  We knew then that Pacquiao will get the title.  There was no doubt.

But Cotto was a great fighter, too.  I mean, hats off to him for finishing the fight.  At least the people who went to see them fight live were not disappointed coz they got their money's worth.  Although I'd been secretly hoping that Cotto would already back down after the 6th round (as you could hear on the video recordings), I was still glad that they reached Round 12.

The Pacquiao-Cotto fight was so exciting I was shaking the whole time I was recording the boxing game.  I was alternating our Canon camera and my Palm Treo phone in recording the fight, then uploading the same on FB so I could share it to my kababayans asap.

Watch the Pacquiao vs. Cotto match here (but forgive me for my constant screaming coz I really couldn't help it if I got soooo excited).

Manny Pacquiao, you make all Filipinos proud!  Thank you!! We love you!

Mabuhay MANNY PACQUIAO!!!!!  You're the BEST!!!!!


ROUND 12 (Part 2)

ROUND 12 (Part 1)

Round 11

Round 10


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