As Luck May Have It

"Do not pre-judge the circumstances you are in"

This quote is so profound.  I don’t even remember where I heard or read this.  But simply put, it’s actually saying that we need to view trials in our life as blessings in disguise.

Of course, it’s not that easy, especially when you’re hurting, or your present situation is just so d*&# unacceptable.

But look back at a time in your life when you felt so awful, when you thought you could not go on any longer …and then realize now that you had to experience those moments to have the kind of life you lead now.

I’ve got some memories of my own to share.

1.    My first (so far) Brazilian wax.

I was so d*&# overconfident, telling myself I was brave and all, only to wish I were dead the moment I felt the wax on my skin.  Truth be told, I paid full for the service that I didn’t finish.  Well, my lesson learned was to just appreciate what my Schick Quattro could do best.

2.    My first (and only, I hope) root canal. 

When my dentist first told me she was recommending me to a dental surgeon, I was envisioning all sorts of horror scenarios that might happen.  I was actually shaking with fear the day I had to do it (I’ve always hated needles!).  Turned out, the only worse thing I experienced was having to open my jaw for eternity.  Looking back, I am grateful that I saved my precious molar.

3.    Breaking up with an ex.  At the time, I felt life couldn’t be gloomier, but now I see it as one of the best things that happened to me. Look what I got now for my husband - -  the best in the world!

So, if you’re down and low or your present situation is just so impossible for you to take, "do not pre-judge the circumstances you are in” since you are not seeing the bigger picture.  God has much better plans for you and you just have to trust it is for your own good.  (I guess, you’d have to believe it to be.)

Well, get inspired by this true story.  This guy’s car was smashed coz of bad parking (first video).  But see how it all ended for him (second video).  Makes you wanna wish it happened to you instead.  Lol.

Have fun watching!




Tracy DeLuca said...

LOL I wish my bad things had happier endings like that! Seriously, though, I get your point. It's all about the attitude!

Ang said...

Hi there!! Thank You stopping by my blog and entering the contest. You actually caught the title of my blog. I hate when people say "oh your just a mommy" or "Your just an Army wife" so that is what I named my blog. lol