I Have Got To Shop!

My new notebook has Windows Vista which does not support my Treo's Quick Install, and thus, most of my older blogs are still stored on my phone. (I wonder what Microsoft was thinking? The new versions are supposedly better than the old ones, but it would seem XP is still the best). (rolling eyes)

I wrote the following blog last July 11, and I feel exactly the same way today (Sept. 25) coz it's been 2 weeks now since my Sweetheart went back home and homesickness just hit me hard as I was praying in church a while back.

I'm manually transferring the blog from my phone. Read on:

"Red, blocked nose, puffy eyes, looooong face .... that's how I look as I'm writing this, 30K feet above the ground onboard NWA. I'm on my way to NY and for the first time ever, I am not with my Sweetheart, which really breaks my heart ... and causes yet fresh flood of tears (wait, I need to blow my nose).

I wanted my hubby to come, but all things considered, it was best that he stays behind for the meantime (which thought brings me to tears again ... I'm such a crybaby).

My Sweetheart and I have always been together. As in ALWAYS! (Check out his article on our site www.thejmjfamily.com). That's why this trip, which is supposedly super-duper exciting since it'll be my first time to visit US, just gives me a so-so nice feeling. I mean, how exciting can it be when you don't get to share it with the man you love, right?

And to top it all, they're playing '27 dresses' on the screen ( a cute, romantic story) which didn't help at all alleviating my misery. (sniff, sniff)"

I miss you so much, Sweet! I'll be home soon.

"The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected". - Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook (http://www.itmightbelove.com/)

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Chelle said...

Aw, it is hard to be away from someone you love!

Thanks for the link to IMBL, so you are sweet!