I'm Back

I've been very laxed since the last time I blogged and I feel it's about time to get back to it. This will be like my online diary especially of the daily blessings I receive (no matter how little or big it may be).

My mind's racing with so much thoughts and ideas that I needed to convert them into something I could see and review every chance I get ... to keep me inspired and awakened. And that's where Blogging comes in.

My upcoming blogs would be about:
1. The Secret (A movie that was released a year ago. Trust me, once you see this movie, you will never be the same again).
2. Gratitude series (I will be thanking specific people that have made a positive impact on my life). So, friends, watch out for your names on the blog title because you deserved to be honored.
3. Everyday occurences, reviews, tips, quips or any topic under the sun

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