1 Neat FREEBIE For You

Dr. Joe Vitale gave me a free e-book entitled "The Greatest Money Making Secret in History". It's a very inspiring book that everybody must have or at least read. It changed my whole perspective on money and generosity.

Grab your free copy HERE.

One great lesson I learned from that book is the art of joyful giving (emphasis on the emotion, coz if you don't feel joy when you give, you are sending a negative vibration to the universe).

I learned generosity as a virtue from my Mom early on in my childhood. I remember her giving alms to peasants on the streets, putting aside 10% of her earnings and donating it to Church, helping family and friends with whatever they need. So, naturally, I was influenced to do the same.

After reading the book, I've come to realize I was not really doing it the proper way. I've had experiences in the past when people took advantage of my generosity and I felt trapped in the emotion of guilt and a sense of obligation. (Very similar story as that on page 16).

Now, there's a new meaning to my Giving. I now give to people (or churches/orgs) who have given me spiritual nourishment like Bro. Bo Sanchez, Dr. Joe Vitale, etc. And I absolutely feel good about it.
"Love must be the guiding principle in all our giving." - James A. Decker

P.S. Hey, download a copy of this book now for free.

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