My Scrapbook

Watch this video and tell me if you're not blown away:

I actually followed what Mike Dooley did and made my own little scrapbook.  And since one of my goals was to open a US bank account even as a visitor, I cut out and pasted Bank of America logos (any bank would do but Bank of America ads were the easiest to find on mags).

A few weeks before that though, I have applied for ITIN (Citibank requires it), and got refused, coz IRS needed a proof that I have indeed opened an account. Hello? Bank says to go get an ITIN first, then IRS says to go open an account first. How the heck am I gonna do that? (rolling eyes!)

Moving on ...

Then , one day, I was leisurely walking along Times Square, and on impulse, just decided to go inside the Bank of America branch there and asked about their requirements. Well, you probably guessed what happened next ...

that's one goal OFF my list! How cool is that? (wink!)

"Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal." - Joseph Cossman (


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