A New Meaning To Our Valentine


(Warning: Graphic photo attached.)

Valentine's Day.  A celebration of LOVE.

This was our Valentine's pic last year.  We escaped from the kids for a couple of hours to get a quick bite at Don Henrico's to celebrate the day just by ourselves.

It was short but sweet.  We were celebrating our love, our marriage, our family, our new blessing ... our 5th child that was growing inside me at that time.

The next day, it was a family Valentine date.  We took the kids for the first time to Mines View, Baguio City.  The kids loved it there especially since the mountain view, the tall pine trees and the weather reminded them of Canada.

But the joy was quickly replaced by misery.  After some picture taking, we rushed to Notre Dame Hospital because I was already in pain.

This was the pic after I suffered miscarriage of our 3-month old baby, Jonathan.  The ultrasound showed that he was still very much alive but was already out of my uterus.  I desperately wanted to hold on but as I was already bleeding profusely, the doctors had no choice but to deliver him fast.

This was baby Jonathan in a pool of blood after delivery.  Such a handsome boy.  Our beloved angel.  I thank my husband for taking several snapshots of him that day.  He would have been 6 months by now if he had completed his term and had been born August last year.

But that's all in the past.  We have come to terms with the sad fact and have moved on. Baby Jonathan is still very much a part of our family and the kids love the idea that they have an angel baby brother up in heaven.

And thus, our Valentine's day will never be the same again.  It's no longer just a celebration of love ... but of LIFE, most importantly.

Happy Valentine to all! 


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