Constant Change


After an endless search for a suitable template, you finally find and excitedly upload the same to your blog. And even though you have kindergarten knowledge on HTML, you try your best to customize it to perfection. You spend hours and hours surfing the web for the best tutorials so you can give your blog its 'perfect' look.  And once it's done, you are filled with an overwhelming sense of achievement and pride.  You sit back and relax. 

Then, one day you wake up and find that all your hard work was for naught.  The webhost suddenly implements a change that would ruin your 'perfect' blog look forever. And since it's free, you are left without a choice but to abide, although you are seething with  fury wishing you have the power to blow up the host into gazillion pieces. 

That's what Google did to me, a loyal Blogger (and to countless others affected by its newest gimmick - auto pagination) . 

For days, I've noticed that not all my posts were showing on my main page, so I thought that perhaps I've done something wrong again.  It was only when I googled about this problem that I learned I wasn't the only one affected. 

Would it hurt to give us a CHOICE?  Auto pagination may work for some, but not for all, and definitely not for me. 

Anyways, instead of banging my head on a brick wall (which is the case  if you try adding to this Thread posts), I reluctantly decided to repeat the vicious blogtemplate cycle (search - upload - customize).

It's Day 2 for me trying to customize this new template I recently uploaded.  Not nearly done, but at least there have been some accomplishments.  Big thanks to AllBlogTools which gave the easiest-to-follow tutorial on numbered pagination, and to ButtonShut which allowed me to create beautiful buttons for my site.

The upside?  I get to earn at MyPoints for my searches.  

As Abraham usually says, "All is well".  I should just be grateful.  So, I am.


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