Gr8 D8 w/ J8k


It was J8k's turn to have an exclusive date with Mommy and Daddy.

Since he had a bit of a fever the previous night, we decided that we'll just spend our 'date' at home.  We sent JM and Jaq off to Kidaround in SM (Kuya JJ had already gone to school earlier), so J8k can have Mom and Dad all to himself.

First on our agenda was vandalism .... I mean, fingerpainting.

Then, fun learning letters with VTech.

Then, phonics at

We also watched Thomas and Friends (again and again and again) on Youtube.

We read stories together.  We tickled.  We kissed.  We hugged.  We bonded.

When Kuya JJ came home from school, it was time to head off to SM to fetch JM and Jaq from Kidaround.  But before that, we had to treat J8k to exclusive kiddie car rides, too.
So much fun and manageable if full focus is on 1 kid at a time.

It was total pandemonium as usual when our gang was complete again.  Shrieking, yelling, bickering ... loving, sharing, laughter ...

Life is sooooo great!


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