Where Do Babies Come From?


Our 4 cuties (taken 2006): baby J8k, JM, JJ and Jaq

JM: Mommy, how did Daddy give you a baby? Did you swallow it?

Me and Hubby: What???? No!!! 
Rolling laughter

We were not really surprised by the question (I mean, sooner or later, kids would be asking it) but by the seriousness in her voice when she asked it. And it was sooo funny the way she innocently asked it.

We were not able to answer her right away because we were just laughing so hard tears were rolling down my eyes. But I promised her I would be showing her videos the next day that explain how babies are formed.

Again, thanks to the mighty internet (which is one major thing that people take for granted nowadays), I was able to explain to my daughter matter-of-factly how babies are made.

I went through several videos (there were a number that were really interesting to watch) on YouTube that show fetal development from ovulation to conception to birth. This video is a great one to show to kids.

This next video generated a lot of follow up questions (both serious and silly) from my daughter:

Oh, why did I ever show that video? LOL


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