Upside of Getting Busted


(Warning:  Some adult content)

Ok. Since it's out anyway, might as well let everybody in on the Secret.

I told you my Dad-in-Law learned our 'secret wedding' plan, right? We were just planning to go to City hall by ourselves and get married without anybody knowing.  It was kinda exciting for us to do that then.

But when we got busted, we had to make it official and announce it to everybody concerned (on my part, it was just my Mom. I dared NOT let my other relatives find out. They're that conservative!) And we also had to do some 'special' planning, too, coz there'd be more people coming.

I think that was the best thing that happened -- that we were able to PLAN it well that now we can look back at it with pride.  I cannot imagine now what our wedding day would have looked like if we hadn't  been busted:

1.  Budget - As students, we didn't have any.  But when we let in our family on the planning, they shelled out some bucks.  They had to ...  (served them right for busting our 'secret').  lol.  I think we spent almost 10k for the event.

2.  Dress - I was only gonna wear slacks and nice top.  But since it became official, Mom had to spend for a tailor-made dress for me.

3.  Food - We were just gonna go to Jollibee or McDonalds, but since more guests were expected, we had to reserve a spot in Rose Bowl.

4.  Video/Photo - No plan of taking vid for the simple reason that we didn't have videocam.  Photos, yes, but only with our film camera.  But when it became official, I especially made sure that we would get a professional photographer for the event. Big thanks to 'Atty.' Caronongan of SLU College of Law, we have amazingly wonderful shots in beautiful spots in Baguio City to brag about.

5.  Transpo - Just jeepney or cab drive to Municipal Hall.  But since we had plans of taking nice shots around Baguio, we had to hire transpo to shuttle our guests.

6.  Room - well, we had our respective boarding houses.  It would have been ok to just snuggle on single bed.  But since my Mom and cousin Eloisa had to come up all the way from Manila, and they'd be occupying my room, Jessie and I had to book a hotel for our wedding night... courtesy of my Mom ... yahoo! 

On a related note, if anybody would be really honest as to how a 'first time' really feels, they'd say it's "ouch".  I could tell you now that nothing happened on our 'magical' night, so to speak.  It was just hours and hours of trying and experimenting ... lol.  It was just an 'ouch' evening for me.  lmao.  And I think it wasn't until after a few months that I finally enjoyed it.  Kinda sad, but honestly true.

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