My Secret is Out


I got married in 1998.  Except for my Mom and a cousin, nobody in my family knew.  I'm exposing this secret as we celebrate 11 years of our blissful marriage.

Yes, it's that time of the year again. Time for reminiscing the past wonderful years we had as husband and wife.

We actually celebrate our anniversaries every 8th, 9th and 10th of each month. Yup, 3 days. We're just suckers for celebration. We always celebrate even when there's nothing big happening. That's what we are -- suckers for good times!

Ok, so why 3 days? March 10, 1998 was when we officially went steady as boyfriend/girlfriend.

That's us, during our College of Law days.

I have no idea when exactly we got engaged. We just sort of discussed we wanna get married civilly (and supposedly a secret, but then we got busted by Jessie's Dad when he found out our plan from someone that works in their provincial municipal hall where the required Nuptial Notice was posted). Yes, we planned to wed just by ourselves and no one else. We were crazy in love then, you see. But we were already in our early 20s so who could find fault in that? Apparently, a lot of concerned citizens, particularly our folks. Why? Because we were a few months away from our graduation in Law. And it seemed at that time a big disappointment for everybody. Anyways, we went through with our plans, but we still kept it a secret from my relatives (Hahaha, now the secret is out! If my cousin "Ate" is reading this, she'd be a bit shocked). Event was attended by very close family and friends (Only my Mom and a cousin from my side of the family). Date was December 8, 1998 (Immaculate Conception) because Catholic schools like SLU didn't have classes that day. So, back to school the day after. lol  This photo was taken in front of  "our Mansion" in Baguio City!

left side:  My Mom, cousin Eloisa, and Dad-in-law
right side: Jun (bro-in-law), Uncle Art (in law) and our friends Cel/Mel and Gel/Ricky 

To make it up to our parents, we promised ourselves we won't have kids 'til we marry in church. So, two years and a day after our civil wedding, or on December 9, 2000, we made our parents proud by ratifying our marriage in a Catholic ceremony. We wanted it to be on December 8th, too, but no weddings were being scheduled then in our church coz it was Immaculate Conception day, and our Parish was THE Immaculate Conception in Quezon City. But the good part was that we still had the flower arrangement and decor in the church from the day before.

Oh, what I'd give to have that figure once again!  lol

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