On Facebook and its Applications


Facebook -- you love it, hate it or both.  In my case, it's both.  I love it for the fact that it connects me to families and friends, old and new.  And I hate it for the fact that it doesn't seem to care about our privacy. 

More so when it allowed third-party applications, which made us more vulnerable to malwares and stuffs.  Of course, the onus is on us, users, to be every bit of responsible in our interaction using FB.  But still, FB programmers could have just developed these apps themselves, then we won't have to worry so much about our profiles being accessed by people other than those in our network.

I try to limit the 3rd party apps on my Profile coz honestly, I think most of them are useless anyways.  If I wanted to greet birthday celebrants, I could just post something on their walls (more personal, I would say) rather than use the birthday calendar.

But a month ago, I did something stupid ... I downloaded 'Tatoodle' (you know? that app which lets you cartoon yourself).  And I regret that decision to this day.

For those who have not downloaded the Tatoodle application from FB yet, then beware! 

When you download that useless crap, it will sneak in a malware that will change your default search to 'Fast Browser'.  And for those who Googles a lot like I do, this 'Fast Browser' bull will have you banging your head on the wall everytime you hit search. 

And once you've decided to take it off your system once and for all, you'd realize learning to rock climb was wayyyyy easier.

If there was a contest between you trying to find 'Fast Browser' in your system and a guy trying to find a needle in the haystack, the latter would have had a box full of needles and you would still be searching for that crap.

But thank God for the geniuses on the web, there's hope and cure.  Although I still have 'Fast Browser' on the list (and probably in my system), I finally was able to bring back the mighty Google as my default search engine. And that should be ok, for now.

Click HELP on how to remove 'Fast Browser' and to read similar complaints re: this malware.


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