Kill Billy - Part I

Several factors forced me to get out of my little cozy warm cocoon and join the workforce. So there I was, back to square 1 in signing up with placement agencies.

A week before Christmas, my agent sent me to this nightshift job which I thought was an admin position. Cool! At first it was ok. You know, clerical stuff. Nothing I haven’t done in the past. By the 3rd week, I pretty much ‘mastered’ most of the tasks.

And then they started with this account where you had to key in figures (naturally, using the numeric keypad). I was struggling so hard to type the numbers right but my co-workers were typing like maniacs!

How I managed to land myself to a Data Entry position was really mind-boggling to them. Whoa, whoa! Wait a minute! Data Entry, you say? I never applied for a data entry thing. Had I known in the first instance that it was data entry job, I wouldn’t have bothered. Data Entry, my neck! Sure I could type faster with alphabets. But numbers? No way! I’ve hated figures all my life. Heck, I don’t even know my multiplication table. I’d never survive this job.

Sure enough, my ass got kicked on my 4th week there.

I swear I’m gonna kill my agent for this.

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