Just Perfect

Some eyebrows will surely raise when I say my family life is perfect. But it’s true!

I F : You don’t measure life’s success by the world’s standards.

You see, I got a very loving husband, who to this day looks at me like I’m the sexiest woman alive (well, I’ve gotten really plump since my wedding day, what with 4 kids and all). But that's how he makes me feel with his ever tender love and passion; I’ve got 4 beautiful, healthy, normal kids (by normal I meant whining, tantrums, silly fights … kids who send our BP level sky-rocketing high on any given day).

And that’s all I ever needed in this life.

HOWEVER: We are flat-broke.

Should that count as imperfection?  I think not. Life is just as perfect with or without $$$.

But then again, it wouldn’t hurt to have some.

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Sweet Words said...

I have to say, I also have the perfect family!!!

Happy Easter!