Kill Billy - Part 2

Well, most of you already know that my data entry career was cut short becoz of my amazing typing speed of 7 numbers per minute. So, now I was faced with a very difficult question:

Did I earn enough to cover the costs of my Iman, Revlon and Elizabeth Arden cosmetics which I bought particularly for my comeback to the career world? (As a stay-at-home mom, I was content with just using Johnson’s baby powder and red sourburst for a lipstick).

The answer is (sigh) NO! So, the obvious solution would be to find another work. Naturally, I couldn’t kill my agent as yet coz I needed her to get me a new job. In any case, it was back to square 1 again in online applications.

I was fired Wednesday, got 2 testing and interviews on Friday, and the following Monday, I was starting a new career in

(drum rolls pls)

Call Center-Outbound!

What the heck do I know about call center? But hey! I gotta stay focused on my goal: to offset the costs I spent on my cosmetics. Go figure!

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