The Downside

I’m beginning to like my new job. Just today, I was the top grosser in my group. (To tell you the truth, I just got lucky with my calls coz most of them were students). I like the promise of bonuses and other perks.

But the thing is ….

I miss my husband. I miss cuddling up with him, kissing, talking about practically anything, watching movies with him, or just being together doing nothing.

I miss my kids …. hearing their boisterous laughter as well as their shouting, whining, kissing their sweet little faces, tickling, playing with them.

You must understand, I have been a stay-at-home Mom for the longest time, so, being away from my hubby and kids for more than 8 hours is a great deal.

This new job of mine has this crazy hours like 9-5, 1-9 and 10-6. Oh, I can’t wait till the training’s over so I could have a permanent shift of 3-11. Or much better yet, just to win the lotto so we don't have to work! (wishful thinking).

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