Don't Judge This Book By Its Cover

One of my co-workers in the data entry job I had was this nice, chubby, middle-aged lady. She’d sit and do her job meticulously then read mags during break. She’s very friendly though coz she knew everybody there by name.

First impression: quiet, reserve, shy, just like a mom (though she’s unmarried). You know, somebody you’d respect.

Everyday, I learned tiny bits of pieces about her. And you know what? She’s nowhere near enough my first impression description of her. Quiet? Reserved? Shy? Heck, no! She had her driver’s license suspended once coz of her reckless driving; She’s a member of a nudist colony; She’s got tattoos; and she even had breast reduction done. Beat that!

But I love her. I admire her. She’s intellectual, funny, free-spirited.

I sure miss her, along with a few other co-workers there whom I’ve gotten so close with.

(I swear, I really am gonna kill my agent for this).

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