How To Stop Cyber-Bullying!

Like I have mentioned, I was a recent victim of cyber-bullying. But unlike other victims, I stood up and fought!

I immediately reported the matter to the authorities, and within no time, through the help and expertise of my ever-loving and supportive techie husband, we were able to track the culprit down.

The real giveaway was the comment sent to my husband’s blog where the IP address of the sender was captured by our host site.

(Google map of the culprit's address who used the fictitious email of

Now, we just needed to match the same with the IP address of the other messages.

I sent Facebook messages to both Lutun and Mark, baiting them to reply so I could get their IP address. With Facebook messages, the IP address is cloaked, but could easily be decoded (add me as friend and I will show you exactly how).

(This was the cloaked IP address from Facebook that we needed to decode. This was the IP address used by Lutun)

Mark was sending messages from his office and the IP address did not match with the one we have on our record. Then, Lutun sent me several messages and her IP address was an exact match!

(When decoded, the IP address used was an exact match as that used in writing derogatory comments on my husband's blog)

Here are the tips that helped me tracked down the real culprit:

1. Do not delete messages. (you’d need proof)
2. Do not retaliate (to keep the messages coming).
3. Report the matter immediately to authorities.
4. Google for IP address tracking, and when you find it, map it.
5. Pay to get a detailed report on fictitious emails.
6. When you are sure, bully back (oops, that was just me being mean... lol).

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