Oh, Why Can’t I Stay Bad?

With all these laws of the Universe that I have become aware of like the Law of Attraction, Law of Deliberate Creation, etc. plus my Catholic faith and the fact I have a conscience …it’s a struggle for me to stay BAD!

Yesterday, I was feeling really upset because of the grievance caused me the last week. So, I blogged about the people who wronged me in a very vindictive, mean way – I called them names and such.
But today, I felt really guilty for behaving badly. So, I deleted the vengeful blog posts in Facebook and Blogger.

But I just retaliated. I didn’t start the fight.

Oh, why couldn’t I stay bad? Why should I forgive?

IT'S SOOO NOT FAIR!Then, it hit me: Because as humans, we are created in God’s image and likeness. Thus, I am INNATELY GOOD.

And I am truly blissful and happy because of this ...

And this ...

and lots of blessings to celebrate!

So, back to Ho'oponopono with Dr. Joe Vitale

and EFT with Brad Yates.

Yes, Joey, nothing could dampen your spirit coz you are simply Great!

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