Long "cold" Beach, Long Island, NY

My awareness of this SPD thing was an “aha” moment for me. Now, it made sense why JM didn’t enjoy her first time on the beach.

We planned to spend our second weekend here in NY to go to the beach. In Long Island. All of us were so excited. I was more excited for JM knowing it was her first time.
(Train fr Penn Stn to Long Beach)

I remember my childhood days when our family would go on beach outings. It was always so full of laughter and fun. You can’t help but fall in love with the beaches in the Philippines. They’re all lovely and superb.

So, I had this same expectation that weekend we went to Long Beach. (It was actually my first time too, in 7 years. There were no good beaches near and around Toronto, CA, so our family vacations there were mostly sightseeing and enjoying waterparks).

Oh, boy, were we soooooo disappointed! The water was freezing cold! My husband and I were wondering the whole time if the water was coming from Alaska!


JM was traumatized by the cold and salty water. She shivered to the bones and we had to spend the rest of the afternoon with trying to make her feel more comfy … making sand castles, digging holes, looking for starfishes and shells, anything to make her feel better.

(JM was still shivering fr the cold here. Just watched her Dad making sand castle)

But now when I come to think of it, with this new SPD awareness, I remember JM playing in the sand while I was preparing our lunch, before we even went in the water. So, she made use of her hands and probably her sensory stimuli were triggered, coupled with the cold water that then led to her meltdown.
(An episode on the beach)

Oh, whatever!

What I know for sure is that we’re never going back to Long Beach. But we’ll still give NY the benefit of the doubt and try its other beaches. Sandy Hook’s next to be rated!

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