We Belong

I have always been very proud of our Couples CG (Caring Group).   I love saying it is the best CG ever!  Why?  Here are some of the reasons:

1.  We all feel that our CG is the ‘perfect’ CG for us and that somehow we ‘attracted’ it.

2.  We feel the GENUINE care and affection of each couple member.

3.  We belong to different age group and yet we ‘click’ so much.

4.  All members are active in the service not just in the community but also in the other ministries supported by LOJ like Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, Grace to be Born, He Cares, among others.

5.  We feel that our week is not complete without a CG meeting so we have NEVER taken a CG break EVER! :)

6.  I think that we are the only CG that enjoys each other’s company so much that:
    a.  5 hours are not enough for a CG meeting;
    b. we sometimes meet 2-3x a week for other get together like shopping,  business planning or just plain bonding;
    c.  attendance is almost always complete (considering our CG consists of 10 couples).

7.  The only reason why couples leave our CG is because they become CG heads themselves; but even then, they still come and join our CG meeting whenever they get the chance because according to them, our CG really is different in a lot of ways.

8.  All our CG couple members, particularly our CG Heads, Bro. Randy & Sis. Mina Poon, embody the unique trait of the LOJ leaders:  HUMILITY.  Everyone is professional in his/her own right and everyone is a potential leader, and yet there is no hint of arrogance or the need to impose on anyone his/her opinion or stand.  Instead, we all recognize our own strengths and capabilities to make each activity successful. 

One proof is the recent culminating activity of our CG which was held in Baler, Aurora from November 2-4, 2012.  This event was well-planned & organized by everyone and thus, all our families enjoyed every moment we spent with each other.  It was indeed a very successful and meaningful trip that deepened our bond as a CG.  

[CGs are small groups of 10-15 people who meet each week to pray together & share how God's word applies in their lives.  The groups are created under the umbrella of Bro. Bo Sanchez' Light of Jesus Family].

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