Woe to Call Center Agents

I only meant to give a quick comment but as I was writing the same, I got carried away.  So, I thought, why not blog about it?  

It all started with the shared Note entitled "The Call of Call Center Agents", privilege speech of Rep. Raymond Palatino delivered in 2009 ( (http://www.facebook.com/notes/milet-miranda/the-call-of-call-center-agent/136830689712269).

And my supposedly short reply to my former co-worker's comment turned into this:

"Kaya hindi yan matunog (in reference to the Bill), kasi mababaw mga arguments ng author. And while his claims may be somewhat true, parang pulitika lang ang dating nya. 

I think BPO is one of the greatest things that ever happened to our country. And generally, the rules and policies seem fair, as they are the same with BPOs in 1st world countries such as Canada and the US. The main problem lies with the ones that implement those rules, like the power-trippers of the industry (and we may very well know a lot in IBM Daksh where we all worked). These people get so power drunk that they abuse their discretion to the detriment of the agents or the staff below them. 

So, I guess, it would all depend on the people running the business, and not the industry itself. You think these things happen in Canada and US? Probably. But I've got first hand experience on how things run in 3 particular call centers in Canada and US, but I NEVER, for once, felt my rights as an employee were abused. So, imagine my shock when I got hired by IBM Daksh!  This is one company that our government should definitely investigate.

And boy, was I glad that it was all over (my employment, but not the FIGHT)! 

And now, I feel so fortunate to belong to another BPO company, which, may I emphasize, follow the same protocols as other BPOs. But why, you may ask, do I feel differently here? Because, the people running the business are mostly whites! Our TLs and Managers are all Americans, and therefore, I feel like I'm back in Canada, where I could FREELY, healthily argue my points and views, and my superiors won't be offended whatsoever. Imagine doing that to Pinoy call center managers and see where it will lead you -- out on the streets, jobless and spirit-crushed -- coz they'd make sure you get all the demerits they could ever find in the books, coz they don't want to get out-smarted, although, most of them are really just plain, old stupid douchebags that got into power for whatever reason. 

And that's the ugly truth.  I may sound like I favor the whites over us, but try to find any call center agent that has never been professionally challenged, insulted or harassed by a Pinoy superior or co-worker.  

Anyways, goodluck to all call center agents. My heart's truly with y'all. But things will never change here in the country unless we eliminate all the suckers in the BPOs. 

Yet, I still don't rest my case. (wink!)"



I won my case against IBM Daksh!  Decision says 'reinstate complainant-appellant to her former position without loss of seniority rights and privileges and to pay her full backwages inclusive of allowances and benefits computed from the time she was allegedly dismissed ... until she is effectively reinstated.'

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