Why Am I Here?

Good question.  But somehow, I find it difficult to answer.

After what would seem the longest and deepest contemplation/discernment I had to make in my entire life, I have come to a very agonizing decision:  As my last recourse (one that I wasn't really very keen to take), I had to once again get back to square 1 and find myself a J-O-B  (Read: time away from my family).

For those who have been following my blogs, you may remember the time when my husband and I promised ourselves we will never again work away from home.  So, for sometime, we were able to keep that promise.  But since our dreams kept growing bigger and our goals getting higher, we had to sacrifice for a bit, and yes, sadly, join the workforce.

Luckily for me, it didn't take long before I got hired by the #1 IT company in the country.  I got interviewed in Baguio on Thursday, went down to Manila on Sunday, did the Final Interview on Monday, did the Client Interview and signed the Contract the very next day, and started working on Friday.  

Chatting with my hubby and kids the week of my application here and missing the physical acts of hugging, kissing and cuddling, I thought it'd take a lifetime for me to come to terms with the fact that I had to make this kind of decision again.

So, to help me get through the phase, I had to immerse myself with Dr. Wayne Dyer's "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" audiobook on my mp3 player, Abraham-Hicks' "Ask And It Is Given" hard copy, and of course, Dr. Joe Vitale's magical Ho'oponopono rituals.

And today, it paid off.  Well, actually, I kinda had an inkling already on the real reason why I was sent here, but today my hunch was confirmed.  

I'm here to start on one of my life's missions:  to empower and motivate people ... ala-Oprah, but with less glamour.  

Towards the end of our training today, our Trainer gave a heartfelt speech, and I swear, it felt like he literally opened my mind and heart, took my words (and feelings) within and voiced it out to the group.  He was giving my speech and it felt so liberating! 

This is it.  This is the purpose why I'm here.  I have attracted this situation.  I have attracted each and every one of my teammates.  I have attracted this opportunity to empower them in my own small way.


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