To Quit or Not to Quit

It's home, but it doesn't feel like.

I started my career in teaching IELTS and ESL. We had a 2-day training where I did mainly observations on how classes were conducted and lessons presented. Although I do not have professional experience in teaching, I knew I could do it (especially after observing the teachers handle each class. I'm telling you, if they could do it, any of my friends can ... lol)

So, what gives me heavy feeling about the job? It's the environment. It's as cold as the ice glaciers in Alaska. (I'm actually freezing to the bones as I compose this blog on my Treo here in the lobby ... lol). Maybe because the old timers are not as accommodating and welcoming? Intimidated or threatened, perhaps? For whatever the cause, it just gives me a heavy feeling everytime.

One more demo and it's either a yes or no for me, they said. Should I quit before I get myself trapped in this horrible environment? I'll give myself 1 more day to discern.

I miss NY. I miss Canada. People from my workplace there were far more warm, friendly and professional .. and they're not even Pinoys! (rolling eyes)

"If we cannot be clever, we can always be kind." ~Alfred Fripp (

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