Worth The Wait

SM Baguio’s ‘The Great 3-day Sale’ started today (Fri-Sun). I thought if we go today (Friday), it wont be too crowded, coz most people would still be at work. Well, I was sooo wrong! It’s already a madhouse by 12nn. Makes me wonder if all these people here are also unemployed like me? lol. You’d never believe our country is in a crisis, what with all the mad shopping that’s taking place right here, right now .(Btw, I'm writing this while we’re having lunch here at Cordillera Cafe. Not because I love the food here – they're good but just not too many choices – but because they have FREE wifi, which is sooo neat!. They’re 1 of 2 establishments that offer wifi in the mall, the other 1 being Starbucks, but what the heck can you eat in Starbucks?).

But why shop during events like this? Just a few reasons I can think of:

1. Prices really drop. A week ago I was scouting for a new pair of jeans (it's been a while since I wore jeans, and when I finally decided to wear one, I found out I don’t have any coz I've given them all away.) They range from P2000-P4000. Today, I got 1 for only P750 (not a Levi's, though. Stupid me coz I passed up a Levi’s sale in NY where women’s jeans were on sale from only $50. tsk tsk.)
-Disney shoes were offered at 50% discount. And as our princess (JM) was with me, she just had to have 1 herself. Girls! (rolling eyes)

2. A whole lot of freebies. Pinoys are suckers for giveaways. Well, at least I am.
-Globe telecom teamed up w/ SM and was offering free SIM card for each P200 single receipt purchase from the dept store. Well, I didn’t know it till I already paid for my purchases. I could have gotten a lot more SIM cards if I didn't pay all at once. lol
-There’s pick-a-prize when you buy P50 worth of chocolates.
-There were too many BOGO items on the Perfumery, Cosmetics and Entertainment (on CDs/DVDs) sections.
-From Supermarket, we got samples of Downy and Purex.
-Each participating outlet in the mall were giving away their own freebies and stuff.

3. Double the points on your reward cards, additional discounts (and interest-free) when you use credit cards from participating financial institutions like BPI, BDO among others.

4. Great prizes to win in raffle draws.
- SM (mallwide) has a raffle draw for each, $500 single receipt purchase from any of the participating outlets, giving away panasonic refrigerators and washing machines.
- SM Dept Store is holding its own local raffle draw every 2 hours. They are giving away home theatres and other neat prizes.

5. It’s fun to watch, and mingle with, the crowd. People are full of glee and it just gives you a happy wonderful feeling that you’re right there at that very moment. No worries, no problems. (That would come after --- when the credit card bills arrive. lol)

"Shopping is better than sex. If you're not satisfied after shopping you can make an exchange for something you really like." - Adrienne Gusoff (www.great-inspirational-quotes.com)

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