On A Pedestal

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Last night, my hubby and I had one of our usual long chats.  We chatted the whole night away.  We talked about our life, our family, our careers, our friends, everything.  But the best topic for me was about how we view each other in comparison to others.

He told me once again how he has never met anyone that would ever compare to me.  He truly believes, and is very grateful, that he’s got the best woman.  And, naturally, I told him the feeling is mutual.  I, likewise, truly believe that HE’s got the best woman.  LOL

Kidding aside, I have never found any other guy that would ever compare to my hubby.  No one.  He’s the best husband, the best Dad, the best friend, the best son (and son-in-law), the best masseuse (oh, well, he’s improved over the years by watching youtube videos on massages.  It used to be that my body aches after he gives me a massage … haha)

We have both placed each other on a pedestal.  And I truly believe that it is one of the secrets to our long and blissful marriage.  To think of your partner as the greatest find.  To feel that your partner is your soulmate.  To know that your partner is The One.

And therefore, no one else compares.


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drew or chat said...

hi joey and jessie! i am so touched by this...i'm so happy for both of you, that despite the many years you have been together and the many things both of you have been through...through thick and thin, through wealth and hardships...still both of you feel the same way for each other...i admire both of you and congratulations too because rarely would you find a couple like you guys nowadays. i just wish that i would have the same fate, if not the same at least close to your marital situation. i wish both of you more happiness and a blissful life ahead. i miss you guys and i feel like i'm about to cry now because i can still vividly remember how both of you took me under your wings in one of the lowest point in my life...i shall forever cherish all that and you guys will always have a special place in my heart. take care and God bless always!!!