One Fine Day

Last Sunday (Feb. 25) was by far the best day in my life this year. No, nothing special to celebrate about. It was just an ordinary day that we turned extra-ordinary special.

You see, after days of experiencing stomach flu symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, body pains, fever, etc.), my family has just had about it. (I said symptoms coz we never really knew if what we had was stomach flu – we didn’t go to the doctor - it’s useless here in Canada, unless it’s an emergency; but not “emergency” in your own point of view, but “emergency” by the hospital’s standards, and even then, you’d still have to wait several hours to be accommodated).{Grrrr!}

But anyways, that particular Sunday was when our family had the greatest time of our life:

We slept in till 8:00 am (Sorry to say we missed Mass; Well, only because kids were still recovering, plus there was a bit of a snowstorm so no good to sacrifice health. Ok, ok! no excuses). 

We ate breakfast all together for the first time (we usually feed the kids first before my husband and I grab a bite, and usually that bite is what’s left over by the kids on their plates.) {sigh!}.What we did was place baby J8k (with his seat) on top of the table, Jaq on his high chair, JM on her booster seat, and well, JJ is already 5 so he usually sits with us. We fed baby J8k and Jaq while savouring our meal of bacon, eggs, rice, soup and hot drinks – first time I actually enjoyed a meal coz it wasn’t left over. :)

We watched “Little Mermaid” together (newest addition to the kids’ DVDs, so no wonder it’ll be the favourite movie for a month or so, or until the DVD no longer plays well coz of too much scratches). 

We played Monopoly together – me and JM vs. JJ, Jaq, J8k and Daddy.Of course, we beat the guys dead bankrupt – twice!!!! Girls rule! ha, ha!

We took a family nap together – all cozy tucked in our double bed, except baby J8k, of course, who slept in his crib.

What else did we do? Oh yes, my hubby and I, ummmm .... can't tell … x-rated (naughty grin)

Oh, well I couldn’t recall every bit of event that happened that day.But one thing’s forever stuck in my heart and memory … JOY! (Ah, life is simply wonderful!)

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